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What do the designers have to say?

  • PaintedPony


    Designs: 685 Gewinne: 18

    Ich genieße die Flexibilität von meinen Zeitplan, indem ich an DesignContest arbeite und an dem Wettbewerb teilnahme. Das eigentliche Ziel, die Ich mag - Klienten zu helfen, genau mit dem Design, das sie wollen. Die Administration, Support - alles auf höchstem Niveau, und es ist toll !

  • lizonil


    Designs: 525 Gewinne: 38

    DesignContest half mir als Designer zu wachsen, und hilft mir, weiter zu entwickeln. Ich bin sehr glücklich mit der Arbeitsunterstützung, Jungs achten wirklich auf alle Anfragen von Designern und halten die Regeln ein. Ich bin begeistert!

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Informationen über Wettbewerbe

We are looking for a PowerPoint design with the following types of slides

1.     Title page

2.     Table of contents

3.     Slide with table of content subject

4.     List

5.     Table

6.     Image

7.     Split slide with (both horizontal and vertical):

a.     Images and words

b.     Images and images

c.     Words and words

8.     Words

We would like to be able to print and email these, so please do not use a full page dark background or large image sizes.

Teal color is:

MPS 319C 

Hex 2DCCD3

RGB 45, 204, 211

The two files attached are our full name logo. We occasionally use only the C of our full name.

We are looking forward to engaging the selected designer 1on1 to work on additional projects including, but not limited to: letterhead, word templates (similar to PowerPoint request), generic form templates to capture various types of data (open to form template suggestions).

endet14d 8h

Full color multi page flyer to advertise Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy performed under live motion xray for large joint pain  (not back pain) for patients. Must...

endet14d 8h

This project is for stationary (8.5 inches by 5.5 inches) to be used to write notes.  The purpose is for use by the base Commander as personal stationary.  The base commander commands a military unit that flys large cargo planes (C-5Ms and C-17s).  The planes might have to be used a very light grey background color.

I'd request the unit or Wing patch to be a prominent part of the design.  I like bold colors playing on the patches blue and yellow theme.

Also please include the phrase, "From the Commander"  and under that "436th Airlift Wing" somewhere on the stationary.

Last part is business card...same elements, including Name, title, organization, address, phone, cell phone, and email (2-sided is OK).

I'll also upload additional graphics for consideration or inspiration, but all are optional (if using aircraft, no more than 1 C-17 and 1 C-5).

endet14d 8h

I need some basic but classy stationary for my solo practice.  Timothy Edwards, LLM, SJD is my name- should indicate by footnote or something similar that I am...

endet14d 8h

Cashinmybag is an ecommerce website that buys and sells very high-end luxury fashion.  The most popular categories we sell are handbags, shoes, accessories and...

endet14d 8h

Looking for a logo for our 2018 president's club. this is the most prestigious honor a member of our organization can earn and it will be used for things like p...

endet14d 8h

Hi, we need to redesign the first slide a bit, but keep all the styles and the “wave image”. The remaining slides of the site must be developed according to thi...

endet14d 8h

Sie müssen als Designer eingeloggt sein, um diesen Wettbewerb durchzusehen

endet14d 8h

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